Deposition for Legal Industry

Deposition for Legal Industry


Whether you take advantage of either Reservation-less Unlimited Video, Web, VoIP, Audio Reservation-less or Operator Assisted (OA) Online Conferencing, there is no cost to set-up your account. Also, there are no long term contracts or agreements and you can terminate your service at anytime without penalty. Reservation-less Unlimited Video, Web, VoIP, and Audio Reservation-less services are charged to your credit card each month. Operator Assisted (OA) Online Conferencing  we charge your credit card after each call.


Reservation-less Unlimited Video, Web, VoIP Conferencing & Free Recording

No reservations are necessary and you get quality service on our secure platform with our Video-To- Go conferencing experience. Our Reservation-less service can be accessed from Windows, Mac and Linux platforms utilizing Flash technology. We provide low-cost, flat-rate monthly plans.


We deliver value-added services to the legal industry by providing them with tools.  With the touch of a button on your video remote control, you have the ability to control basic conference commands, which means you no longer need the assistance of an operator. And with our Video Online, you can conveniently manage your account profile and Reservation-less Video meeting room settings. Video conferencing adds the convenience of face-to-face communication without the high price tag of travel and expense. Video conferencing also allows you to share files instantly online with your participant. Take advantage of the integrated VoIP feature or add the quality of our digital audio bridge using our Toll- Free number from the US and Canada at 5.9 per person, per minute for unsurpassed quality.


Operator Assisted (OA) Online Conferencing

Our competitors give you operators, but we give you moderators on our secure platform. Each moderator is individually trained and each one is totally focused on you and your call - they're not juggling other customers when it's your time. Participants may dial into a conference from anywhere in the world and are greeted by a professional, responsive moderator. Our moderators manage every detail of your conference call and monitor the call's dynamic to ensure it flows smoothly and without interruption. All moderators go through an intensive training program that emphasizes disaster recovery, industry-specific audio teleconferencing requirements, problem-spotting, and professional communication skills. Simply put, they are the most highly trained and experienced professionals in the industry.  You give us a list of the names and phone numbers ahead of time, and let us know when you want our moderator to dial out to each of them. You will receive the first call so you are in the conference first. Then, a call will be placed to the opposing lawyers, clients, and finally, the judge if one is involved. Call customer service at 1-888-436-3746 at least 48 hours in advance Monday thru Friday to speak with one of our professional conference representatives to set up Operator-Assisted call.


Audio Reservation-less Conferencing

Our most popular service is ideal for everyday conferencing of up to 150 callers on our secure platform. Our 24 x 7 feature rich, Reservation-less Audio Conferencing service is perfect for on-the-fly calls that can be set up anytime, day or night. These are ideal for small intra-office collaborations or anytime you need to get a group of people together live on the phone. No prescheduling or operator involvement - you have complete control. Give participants that you invite the date and toll free number (in the U.S. and internationally as well), and they are ready to take part! We also offer record/playback, group mute, live viewer and transcription services. You simply dial a toll free number, enter your conference ID and your call is up and running! Best of all,  Genesis uses state of the art technology that provides the highest quality in the industry with LOW rates  and roll-over minute plans and NO contracts & set up fees!

            You also can  request for separate conference IDs and pass codes for each of your partners, employees and associates so everyone has their own personal conference codes which makes it easier to sort expenses.  It also enables you to have simultaneous conference calls at the same time without any conflicts.