Scheduling an Operator-Assisted Conference Call

  1. Operator-Assisted conference calls must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. Any changes to phone numbers or attendees must be reported 1 HOUR prior to the conference to ensure the GenesisLive operator receives the information.
  2. To schedule the call, please fill-in the form below or send the following information in an email to Or you can click here to print and fax it to: 201-881-0022
  3. The GenesisLive operator will start the conference call and then dial out to the Call Leader and participants. Once everyone has joined, the GenesisLive operator will hang up.
Your Name:
Organization / Company:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Conference Date:
Conference Day of Week:
Conference Time:
Time Zone:
Your conference access telephone number:
Conference ID:
Subscriber PIN:
Names and telephone numbers of each participant to be called, including the order in which they should be called (if necessary), INCLUDING the Call Leader:
Call Leader:
Name, Primary Phone Number, Alternate Number – LIST ONE PER LINE Example: Joe Smith, 212-445-1234, 212-445-4321

PLEASE NOTE: The Call Leader will not have access to all of the conference controls (such as recording the conference or additional dial-outs) unless he/she hangs up and dials back in once the operator has disconnected. If the Call Leader needs access to these functions, the GenesisLive operator can contact the Call Leader AFTER all of the participants are connected and instruct him/her to dial into the conference themselves.

For further assistance, please call our Help Desk at 1-877-297-2901.