About Us

Corporate Overview

Bruce Braithwaite is Chairman and CEO of Genesis Networks, Inc., a global minority telecommunication provider with offices in New Jersey, California and Tennessee. Genesis Networks is a leading provider of telecommunication services. Genesis also offers business funding and capitalization services through strategic alliances with our lending partners. Founded in 2005, this dynamic company has built a brand recognized for one-stop shop solutions in the telecommunications sector.

"Telecom expenses are usually the third largest expense to corporations after payroll and real estate. We help our customers reduce their costs through lower rates."

Our voice and data services provide answers to all your communication needs. Our unique structure and strategic partnerships allow tremendous flexibility in customizing solutions for individual company characteristics by using only world class carriers. We deliver a wide range of products and services to give you all the tools necessary to achieve success in today's highly competitive marketplace. By offering voice and data services, equipment and phone systems, along with back office support services, our diverse capabilities define Genesis as your one source for telecom solutions.

Genesis Networks has built Best-in-Class technologies along with streamlined business processes and solid ethical standards to ensure that every business and residential customer receives exactly the services that Genesis Networks promised. Genesis and their partners will meet or exceed your expectations with their affordable custom solutions and a consistently satisfying customer experience.

Our Mission

To help our customers reduce their costs through lower rates, while providing high-quality teleconferencing, telecom services. And provide small business funding solutions.

Our corporate philosophy is a business variation of the Golden Rule:

"Treat your employees, customers and business associates as you would want them to treat you."

Genesis considers it imperative that our corporate team always be dependable and available to our customers with whom we do business.

Our Values

Genesis is leading the way by providing top-notch teleconferencing, voice and data solutions, as well as business funding and capitalization services with our Lending Partners. One of our objectives is to help grow small and mid-sized businesses with our bundle of services. We are dedicated to helping business owners no matter the industry or level of experience.

"Special MBE, WBE, DBE, Veteran-Owned Business Pricing"

Genesis provides solutions to help improve your bottom line with teleconferencing, voice and data, and funding options. Secure servers provide content delivery services for lead generation and marketing automation, training, continuing education and distance learning. Our best-in-class tools which assist our customers in achieving these business goals include webinars and webcasts, podcasts, videos, on-demand programs and a course catalog. We offer both self-managed and full-service solutions, and our cloud-based central portal provides full integration and control of all your virtual communication requirements, while reducing your administrative burden and streamlining your business.

Voice and Data

We offer a full range of voice and data solutions for businesses of all sizes. Genesis provides gold standard voice and data services to commercial and residential marketplaces. By combining services from multiple carriers, we can provide the best solution set for each individual application, regardless of the complexity. At the same time, we keep it simple for the customer by presenting single-invoice solutions serviced through a single customer care center.

Small Business Funding

Genesis, along with their Lending Partners, has the knowledge, experience and resources to enable you to achieve your business objectives. Genesis and their lending partners specialize in business finance and capitalization services, offering a diverse range of business funding programs for small and mid-sized businesses. We provide collateralized and non-collateralized business loans, advances, lines of credit, commercial real estate loans, invoice factoring and other working capital solutions to existing businesses. We consolidate debt and will pay off other lenders. The Genesis team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are dedicated to obtaining the funding which your business requires. Our team of Business Development Representatives are tasked with understanding your business financing needs and goals to tailor a solution that best meets your objectives. Their goals are to provide you with business funding options and serve as your trusted advisers on business capital.

Business Finance and Capitalization Services

In addition to the above, our Lending Partners specialize in business finance and capitalization services, offering a diverse range of business funding programs for small and mid-sized businesses. We work with you to gain access to funding options and provide consultation services to obtain financing and capitalization which best meet your business needs. Utilizing both traditional and non-traditional financing resources, our goal is to serve as your trusted adviser on business capitalization matters now and over the life cycle of your business. An ongoing relationship with our Business Development Representative can truly have a positive and long-lasting impact on your business.